Monday, June 6, 2011

Brad Paisley!

So for like, I don't know, the 4th year in a row we made it to the Brad Paisley show! This year we didn't decide to go until last week when there was a Groupon for two tickets (actual seats, not lawn), but we had a great time.  Seriously, he puts on such a good show.  I'm not really a person who's hopped on the Blake Shelton bandwaggon - I don't dislike him, just not a huge fan - so preferred his opening acts the last two years - Dierks Bentley and then Darius Rucker.  Actually, Dierks win by default

Last year when we got the tickets through Brian's work we were super close to Brad when he was out in the "cheap seats," but we still had great seats this year (just should have brought the camera last time)!  I seriously can't stress enough just how good of a show he puts on. I loved it!  His new album is also a-mazing!

A lot of other country artists come here each year - Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts, etc., but I find their music to be um, awful.  Don't get me wrong, I loved Tim McGraw in the 90's  and I think Rascal Flatts has had a few good songs, but with an overwhelming majority of crap mixed in.  Probably because they spent about 5 years releasing a new CD every year, which made the pickings slimmer and meant they released about 50 songs that were crap on those albums. I love Kenny Chesney and I always look forward to his concerts, but I've listened to his new CD and have similar concerns about the path he is taking as well.  If his concert has a lot of new stuff, well, I won't be a fan.  We've seen Carrie Underwood (3 - counting the Idol tour), Lady Antebellum (2) and Zac Brown Band (2) over the last few years and they are awesome!  Our country "pass" at the local amphitheater is getting a little stale!  They need to add those 3!

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