Thursday, June 30, 2011

Weely iPurge

Another week without many pictures on my phone I guess...

 I took this on Saturday night before I started painting!  There is no way that my 5 foot shelf could reach that ceiling to tape it off, even with a ladder.  I could reach it fine to paint it, but getting the tape on neatly?  Not so much.
 Wyatt started guitar lessons with his Aunt Katie this week.  She tuned his guitar and sat down to teach him a few basics (he lasted for about 25 minutes).  It's blurry because I pulled the phone out of Hudson's mouth and it was a little wet (thanks, Reesie).
Wyatt is a popcorn fiend!  Last night we went to see the Tides play the Yankees' Triple-A affiliate (blog post later) and all he wanted to eat was popcorn!

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