Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

The kids and I didn't do much this weekend.  We spent most of Friday morning and afternoon running errands and swimming with Katie.  Reese ended up with a stomach bug Friday night that lasted about 12 ridiculous hours.  Every three hours I was cleaning up after her "issues."  Around 9 and again around 12 she threw up in her crib, so I made a bed for us on the floor in the living room.  She came out and Star Wars was on TV.  We turned the TV off quickly, but the next day she told Wyatt, "Wyatt, I got to watch Star Wars with Mommy and Daddy last night, and you didn't."  Ha!  Fortunately she used the bowl I put next to her for the rest of the night. Needless to say, we spent most of Saturday in the house!

Brian spent the majority of Father's Day this year at work :(.  We were thrilled last year that he had Father's Day off for the first since he started working, but things have changed a little over the last year.  I thought about taking the kids to the park to play, but Brian was worried it would be busy and he wouldn't get to visit with us anyway.

The kids and I spent the morning at Munden Point Park taking care of part of Brian's Father's Day present.  I love Munden Point Park!  It's out of the way, it's on the water and there is so much to do! I took the kids' pictures holding a chalkboard listing the reason they love their Daddy, and then made it into a collage at Walgreens.  Super cute.  I'm upset because I was so busy wrangling the kids that I didn't think about what I would put across the top if the collage and there are some serious issues with verbs there.  And my husband is no slacker when it comes to the English language.  He noticed immediately.  But he didn't seem (too) bothered by it.

After our trip to the park we came back home to grab swimsuits and headed over to see my parents.  The kids spent the afternoon swimming (Wyatt is going off the diving board now!) and playing.  I was able to leave them there to go pick up the prints from Walgreens, but that didn't work out too well for Hudson.  Apparently he is having some serious separation anxiety.  He has now earned himself the nickname "Screamer." He cried from the second I left until the second I walked in the door.  I guess this is what happens when you stay at home with them all the time?

We planned to go out to dinner with Brian's parents, but they ended up coming here for pizza instead.  The kids had a lot of fun visiting with Mimi and Baba after their trip to Disney World last week.  Even though Mimi spent most of her time fixing a toy parachute that Daddy and Wyatt broke immediately upon use!  It was a fun Father's Day, but we're really looking forward to spending some time together tomorrow when Brian finally gets a day off (it's been 8 days straight)!

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  1. What a cute idea! I love how Hudson is holding it, lol.