Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hudson is 7 Months Old!

 Here is what Hudson is up to this month:

  • He is almost 18 pounds. He looks huge, but it's probably because he's the "shortest" of the 3 at this age!
  • Wears size 3 diapers comfortably - he's on his last pack of Pampers.  Next pack we're switching back to Up & Up!
  • He is officially wearing 6 month sleepers and mostly 9 month clothes.  He also has a few 12 month shirts that he wears on occasion!
  • He still gets his milk from mommy, but he is a solid food eating fool!  We tried rice cereal for 2 weeks after he turned 6 months, and since then he's had carrots, squash, sweet potatoes and peas!  Today he had his first taste of fruit - apple/pear sauce. I like making his food because I have more control over what goes in, and I like how much cheaper it is.
  • He sleeps in sleep sacks now.  No more swaddled arms!
  • I am going to completely jinx myself by typing this (because the number one rule about babies sleeping through the night is that you don't talk about babies sleeping through the night - like Fight Club), but he has become a dream sleeper lately.  He no longer sleeps in his swing (I don't feel like he's even been in it over the last few weeks), he sleeps in his bassinet at night.  His room needs one more coat of paint and then he will be upstairs!
  • He is at times difficult to keep awake until bedtime (7:30ish).  I've discovered that I can distract him different ways and it usually helps.  His routine is a little more flexible than Reese's was at 7 months.  He usually is up around 5:30 or 6, eats cereal at 8, nurses again at 11, goes down for a nap around 12, sleeps for about an hour and then wakes up to nurse.  He eats dinner at 5 and is immediately bathed.  Once he's clean we kind of switch up the toys (exersaucer, sitting, etc.) to keep him happy until bedtime!
  • He said Dada this month, and now babbles it all the time.  This morning while he was eating he kept distracting himself by saying "dadadadadadadada" over and over again! 
  • He still likes to play in his exersaucer, and he LOVES sitting up and playing with his toys on his own! He sits on the floor with a bunch of toys around him and reached for things and pulls them closer. We also busted out the doorway jumper on Monday and he loves that too!  It's so fun to watch him play with the same things his brother and sister enjoyed.
  • No more teeth so far.  But based on his mood swings, I think they might be on their way!
  • If he would just stay on his tummy, I think he would be so close to crawling.  He starts to kick his little legs, but then he just rolls onto his back and he has no interest in getting back on his tummy.
  • He also likes to stand assisted.  I feel like we have even more toys we need to grab out of the attic - and I'm packing up all the little pieces that came with Wyatt and Reese's things!

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