Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weekly iPurge!

We don't always take our camera with us everywhere (it's a little big), so we use our iPhones a lot!  Dumping my iPhone seems to be a good look back at our week...

We've gone to Skinny Dip twice this week!  So yummy!  I chose low fat red velvet frozen yogurt with cheesecake.  Brian went for strawberry yogurt with strawberries and bananas.  Reese likes chocolate with sprinkles and Wyatt likes vanilla with M&M's!
At Skinny Dip celebrating Wyatt's last day of school!  Hudson adores his Daddy!

An outtake of the pictures I tried to get of Wyatt on his last day!  This is probably the best one, but he wasn't holding the sign.

While Reese was still at my mom's last week for a sleepover, I took the boys to Lock Park.  After going through a series of bridges, boats then have to pass through the locks (which are to the right of this picture).  Last week was a big boat festival, so a ton of boats passed through while we were at the park.  Wyatt LOVED it!

In addition to Reese's cow girl boots that she sported last week, she also insisted on leaving the house in her rain boots.  I bought her some super cute sandals  the other day that she loves, so she seems to like wearing them more!  But like I told Brian, as long as she looks cute from the shorts up, I'm good!

Um, we bought this for Wyatt at Target on Monday.  And then Brian decided to wear it? Actually, we all ended up as a super hero at some point that day.  Reese was Spiderman, I was Iron Man, Wyatt was Captain America.  We're a family of super heroes!

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