Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Daddy's Day Off

We got this dry erase - corkboard - mail holder from Pottery Barn at the beginning of the year.  We keep two months of "events" planned out, so I added September last week.  I am beyond excited for the 11th to come and for the waterpark to close for the summer!  I texted Brian a picture immediately, just so he would know that the "end is in sight."

Yesterday we made our way to my parents' house to take a swim in the pool.  Brian hasn't been able to see the kids in action other than swim lessons, and they love swimming with their Daddy!  Wyatt was especially excited to show Brian his new backstroke - he learned the backstroke and passed station 5 in less than a half hour last Thursday!
 Hudson had a lot of fun taking his first swim, too!
 Reese showed off her new love of jumping off the diving board.
 And Hudson snacked on the deck and watched everyone swim.  It's really what he does best :).
After the morning swim we came back home for naps and to cool off.  The boys (and Reesie) did play some baseball in the backyard, but it is beyond hot out there!  There is also a forest fire in a swamp not too far away, so it is incredibly smokey outside.  I went out to throw something in the trash can before pick up, and I came back in wreaking of smoke.  It is so unbearable that we will be making today an inside day! Might be a good thing - I'm hoping to get a lot done!

The smell might get in the way of Brian's plans for tonight - his favorite baseball player ever, Mr. Ryne Sandberg is in town tonight managing the team playing the Tides.  We have tickets thanks to more work connections, but I don't know if we'll be able to tolerate this smoke.  Fortunately there are two more games this week - so I guess we'll have to wait and see!

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