Monday, August 29, 2011

We're Home!...and our Time in Raleigh

We're home! Thanks for checking in on us :). We left Raleigh first thing yesterday, and got home around noon.  Thanks to texts and Facebook, I was able to keep in touch with our neighbors, so I knew that our house was fine (our neighbor went outside and surveyed our damage several times during the storm - we seriously have the BEST neighbors), and that we only lost power for a minute on Saturday night!  I had every intention of updating the blog last night - and then we actually lost power around 3 yesterday.  Seriously, yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day (minus the extreme heat), and we had no power .  It came back on around 7:30, but by then the kids and I had "evacuated" to my parents house!

We had a really great time in Raleigh on Saturday!  Apparently Hudson is a big fan of air conditioners.

We went to Marbles Kids Museum first thing Saturday morning.  Brian and I are big believers in getting places as soon as they open because it's the best way to avoid crowds.  Oh yeah, and our kids wake up with the sun anyway, so we might as well get out and enjoy the day!  There was so much for the kids to do there, and they just loved it.  We were going to take them to our Children's Museum a few months ago, but it was being renovated.  Now that it's reopened, we'll probably go again soon.  I used to love it when I was little!
 Wyatt and Reesie working at the "Vet's office."
 They had a little area set up for little guys to crawl around.  Hudson absolutely loved it.  There were things for him to roll on and play on, and they also had this fish tank in the wall.  He loved watching the fish!
 Cooking dinner together
 Who doesn't love playing in water?  Reese actually snuck back here after we left this section.  And when I went to get her she was soaked.  Got to love three year olds!
Releasing the anchor 
 They LOVED this section.  You could "make" the pizza (toppings, put it in the "oven", put it in the box, and then get on the bike to deliver it).

But Wyatt was in heaven when we got to the "sports" section.  We stumbled upon this set up-
 He could skate around in his socks and play hockey.  He just loved it so much.  He is talking about it constantly!  He said he was a real hockey player because he had real equipment!

After we left the children's museum we drove to Durham to check out the campus at Duke. Brian is a Duke basketball fan and wanted to drive to take a look.  If it had been a nice day, we probably would have gone to the gardens, but it was definitely rainy (and it was also move in day for the students)!  We met up with Allison and the kids at the local Toys R Us because they left the Outer Banks and ended up in Raleigh, too!  By the end of the day we were all exhausted and ended up in bed by 9! 

This week is going to be super busy for us!  I'll probably blog about Reese's birthday later today because we have Open House tomorrow, Doctor's appointments for Reese and Hudson, and Wyatt's first soccer practice of the season on Wednesday!  Not to mention the fact that school actually starts next Tuesday, and there is a ton to do to get ready (starting with a 4 year old boy who desperately needs a haircut)!


  1. That looks sooo fun! Doesn't look like our museum compares (it is still really good, though).