Friday, August 5, 2011

Hudson is 9 months old!

How is he nine months old today!?  Seriously!  I'm going to have to start planning his party soon (although I have the beginnings of a party in my head)!  Forgive his hair - he needs it cut!  I thought we were going to escape the cow lick situation that we have with Wyatt, but it looks like Hudson has one, too!  He's going to have either super short hair or the same cut his big brother has (probably the latter)!

  • He is about 20 pounds. He is so, so heavy.  He weighs me down when I carry him!
  • He wears a size 4 diaper - they seem to fit him better, and they're easier to get on him (he squirms a lot when I change him). He does have overnight diapers now, but those are a size three.
  • He wears his 9 month sleepers and mostly 9 month and 12 month clothes.  I did manage to get him in some 6 month outfits of Wyatt's that I found I last week. I found a lot of winter clothes for him when I was going through boxes, too.
  • He still gets his milk from mommy, and he loves his solids!  I have made almost all of his food (except for the Gerber snacks - puffs and Yogurt Melts).  I recently picked up some Plum Organics foods for "on the go" situations when transporting his food doesn't make sense!  He really liked those.  I picked up some Gerber third foods, too.  I think he's ready for the extra texture and the "real food" flavors.  I've been giving him banana & rice cereal for breakfast, and I think now I'm going to start him on real Oatmeal.  I think he will really like it!
  • He is sleeping like a dream!  I usually put him down around 7:30 and he wakes up around 6.  I would really like to get an extra hour in the mornings.  Not because I'm sleeping (my little early bird Wyatt makes sure we're up by 6 every morning), but because he still has to take a morning nap.
  • After he wakes up in the morning he eats and plays, and then he takes a nap.  This nap can last anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours.  I don't mind the nap, but it will be really inconvenient next month when school starts!
  • He says Dada, touchdown, hi, Baba and bye.  He signs "all done."  He is super selective with his words though.  He uses them when he wants to.  I'm really trying to concentrate more on talking to him and having him watch me while I say things and repeat them.  The things you learn from SLP's blogs!
  • He is crawling everywhere, and he is also learning to balance and trying to takes steps.  It's really exciting and fun to watch.  He isn't as stationary as he once was.  I can't just set him down on the floor and expect him to stay there (he absolutely won't stay there)!
  • He has 4 teeth (upper and lower front teeth), and his top two incisors are cutting right now, too!
  • He is just precious!  He doesn't have a "lovey," but he still sleeps in sleep blankets.  When he goes to bed at night he sucks on the blanket.  I'm thinking that I'm going to give him a lovey soon - I like to be able to reuse those blankets and they get gross sometimes!
I could barely get him to stay still for his pictures today - he wanted to move everywhere! Here are his out takes! 


  1. He is so cute! My daughter ate plum organics too and loved it!

  2. Hunter loves the Plum baby drinkables! He got into a little trouble in the back of our car. ;]