Friday, August 5, 2011

Pinnable Me: Kids Stuff

Today I'm linking up with Stefanie's Pinnable Me Friday again.  I don't know if it's me counting down the days until school starts (one month from tomorrow!), an organization kick (it drives me crazy, but it seems like everything gets messier before it gets clean), or just the cute stuff, that has me wanting to share fun things that I've found for the kids.  Some of it would be perfect for them now, and some would be for when they're older!

I love all this IKEA stuff for a playroom/homework room. 

But I also think this is a super creative way to store art supplies that makes clean up a breeze!

We've already started some "chores" for the kids.  They're obviously big enough to clean up their toys.  They are responsible for cleaning up their mess at the table (they put their plates in the sink - and I've been known to make Reese get down on the floor and pick up every Cheerio she thought it would be fun to drop), and they also have to put their dirty clothes in their hamper when they get dressed or undressed.  I think have these little Chore cards are a great idea!

I think this is adorable to take a picture and then list their favorite things each year! What a fun way to track your little ones favorites as they become not-so-little!

These final two are definitely bigger kid ideas:
I love this idea for days where the kids have big tests or SOL's or (tear) AP exams one day!

I also can not ever imagine leaving my kids alone for a weekend - but  it would be fun to hide a $20 somewhere for them to find after they clean their room!

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  1. i love the first one! so cute and the prices seem reasonable!