Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Open House!

Wyatt and Reese had Open House at their school last night.  They were both really excited to go in and check out their classrooms and meet their teachers.  Reese keeps saying, "Wyatt's school, I mean, my school, too."

 The place was packed, so we had to park across the street.  Wyatt and Reese are so good at following our "Parking Lot Rules."  I say it as soon as we pull in somewhere, and they know that we need to hold hands and look both ways before we cross the street.  This book is amazing (and where we ripped off the idea).
 Reese had a lot of fun playing her classroom, and she had her big brother showing her around because he was in the same class last year.  She also has Ms. Cindy, so Wyatt go to visit with his old teacher while we were in the classroom.  He really likes her, and I think he was a little sad to go to his 4 year old class.  Reese stepped right up and said hi to Ms. Cindy and even gave her a hug.  I know her teacher is probably excited because last year Wyatt's class was all boys and one girl, and this year the class is more even!  The kitchen, baby dolls and stroller will actually get played with this year.
 Wyatt's classroom was really cool, and had just the right decor for a little guy named Wyatt!  He will cover the ABC's in September and colors and shapes in October, but will spend November learning about horses, cowboys and the Wild West.  He will love it!  He has some of his friends in his class this year, and got right to playing with them!  Brian and I talked with his teacher Ms. Janette last night, and we are really excited for him to get into his Phonics book soon!  We've been working all summer on writing his letters and retaining his lessons from last year, and we're so excited to watch him grow this year!

As is tradition, we went out for ice cream after open house!
 Reese got her "usual," chocolate ice cream with Reese's Pieces (she's very fond of the name)!
 I branched out a bit and got peanut butter-banana yogurt with a little chocolate, too.  Then I added Reese's to the top - delicious!
And of course, Wyatt wanted vanilla with M&M's.  That basically sums up his food tastes - he's very vanilla!

We are so excited for school to start next week!  It's so good for Wyatt and Reese to get out and be with their friends, and also for them to get a little more time with me (and Hudson, of course) on the day that their sibling will be in school.  I think this M-W-F arrangement for Wyatt and T-Th for Reese will work out really well! I can't wait to see how much they've grown and learned at the end of the year!

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