Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mother Nature!

Is crazy this year!  First we visited Florida on one of the coldest weeks they've ever experienced.  Then we had a crazy snowstorm that kept us locked inside for a week.  We've been bracing (and shopping) for Hurricane Irene to possibly make her approach on Sunday (which prompted me to reschedule Reese's birthday party for a different day), and this afternoon we had an earthquake!

I never, ever, ever, ever, thought that we would get an earthquake in Virginia - but I guess I was wrong!  I was sitting on the couch celebrating the fact that all three kids were taking naps at the same time - and then the couch started to shake!  I quickly turned around because I thought that Wyatt had woken up from his nap and was pushing on the couch. He wasn't there, so I went back to folding laundry (and maybe watching Patrick Dempsey Grey's Anatomy at the same time).  But the couch kept shaking.  And I stood up and the whole house was shaking!  Apparently we got a 5.8 earthquake.

The quake was over pretty quickly, but I ran upstairs to check on Hudson - he was fine, so I let him keep sleeping - it didn't bother the other kids either!  I went outside to "check the damage," but fortunately there was none.  Now we just have to worry about Irene making landfall! 


  1. I grew up in California, so earthquakes are not new. But....they are completely unexpected! At least with the hurricane, you KNOW it's coming and you can prepare. Earthquakes are surprises. Give me a hurricane anyday, earthquakes are no fun at all!

    Glad you didn't have any injuries or damage. Congrats on getting your kiddoes to sleep too! Those quiet moments are rare, I'm sure. (And then you gotta deal with a tremor, wow...)

  2. I'm still in awe that you guys had a quake!! Never in my life would I ever expect one, and I sure don't wish any on you guys, they aren't fun! Good luck with the hurricane… now there's a piece of Mother Nature we are used to :P

  3. That is really something! We get tornadoes a lot where I live. Our state gets earthquakes, but we don't feel them much.