Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Waterpark Play Date!

Last week the kids and I had plans to go to the waterpark with my friend Carolyn and her little girl Brooke. They were in town visiting from Tennessee again, and we always want to take the opportunity to get the kids together, especially since her kids are so close in age to Reese and Hudson (and we've been friends since high school - she was actually the ring leader in my math class make up sessions - she actually worked at the Clinique counter)!

My cousin Madison went with us, and she was a huge help!  The kids loved riding the rides with her. Brooke and Wyatt and Reese didn't play together too much - I think it's a little hard to get kids to play together when there are so many other things that they'd rather be doing.

The kids still had an awesome time, and it's always nice to go visit Daddy at work.  I have always just loved the waterpark (it was my first job, my first responsibility, the place I met my husband :)), and it's so fun to take our kids there and watch them play in the kid's area - even if I avoided that place like the plague as a lifeguard!

Wyatt just loved going down these slides by himself! 
 Reesie went around collecting these baby Adirondack chairs for her and Brooke to sit in.  She insisted on sitting in the purple one, though!
 Wyatt loves this pirate ship steering wheel!  This slide and dump tower is new this year, and it's probably Wyatt's favorite thing - until the water dumps out on his head!

We only have about 3 weeks left to play at the park before it closes for the season. While it's sad that we won't be able to play there anymore, closing means that we get our family weekends back, and Brian's job becomes more of a 9 to 5 job (I say more of because I've never once known him to leave work at 5  - he always stays a little late). School starts back in exactly three weeks and then the fall fun can begin.  I love summer weather (although this summer has been a little too hot for me), but I love spending time with my family in the fall!

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