Sunday, August 7, 2011


On Thursday night Brian and I went to see Kenny Chesney at the amphitheater (which will always be the amphitheater to me - not Farm Bureau Live or whatever it's called now)! Kenny took last year off, which brought our streak to an end, but it was my seventh Kenny concert in a technical row since there was no concert last year!

We got to experience another perk of Brian's job before the concert when we got into the Corona tent!  The local distributor gave us a couple of tickets to get in - free food and free beer!
The line was pretty long - so we grabbed two on our trip through the line!

We both shared this plate - even though Brian intentionally tried to make himself look pretty gluttonous!!  Love the puffed up cheeks.

And if we want a picture taken, we need to do it ourselves.  My arm looks ginormous!

We had fabulous seats!  I was really scouting out good seats when I ordered them online and was able to get us aisle seats in the middle!  It's perfect because Brian gets hot and he hates being stuck in the middle of strangers.  Kenny was fantastic as usual (and had a great mix of old stuff and newer stuff) and Billy Currington was really good as well!  We skipped Uncle Cracker in favor of dinner and drinks.  I don't think we have anymore concerts lined up this year - although I'm sure Brian will tell me that I'm forgetting Bret Michaels or Poison or something!

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