Saturday, August 6, 2011

Weekly iPurge

Let's see what I took with my phone this week...

My mom and I were out getting the kids' school shoes the other day, and it was getting late and the kids were getting hungry.  We stopped at Wendy's, and I decided to get Reese a cheeseburger instead of chicken.  Oh my goodness, she loved it!  All she talked about was how much she loved her cheeseburger!
 Wyatt was so happy the other day to get mail - and it was an invitation to his friend Ethan's birthday party!  He is so excited to see his school friends again!
 We were practicing writing B's on Tuesday and Wyatt deviated from the task at hand to draw a picture of Noelle!  He was so excited to show it to me - and then took it outside because he wanted to show it to Noelle in Heaven!  Precious!
 I was so excited when Brian told me that he wanted to put these old couches out for trash pick up!  He has had these forever, and he couldn't get rid of them (even when we moved).  Finally he made the decision to do it and it's a good thing he did - he actually got stuck with a staple when he picked up one of the couches.  We'll probably move our current sectional up to the Yankee room when we buy a new couch (which will probably be sooner than we were planning)!
 Wyatt was hiding under the laundry basket and Reese decided to trap him - until he threw her off!
 I took this of Reesie after swim lessons on Thursday! Love her summertime freckles!
 Wyatt wanted to help feed his baby brother - he wasn't too successful!
 And finally - I felt like no matter what I did my play room was always messy - even when everything was picked up off the floor!  I didn't buy anything new - these bins were in the kids' rooms.  Instead I switched out the bins that I had (open bins) and put these in the playroom instead.  Made a huge difference!  Now I just need to clean out that bookshelf!

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