Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Colin!

This morning the kids and I left the house early to head to the Outer Banks to go to Colin's seventh birthday party.  I was incredibly terrified of getting stuck in massive traffic, but the drive was so smooth.  We actually made it in about an hour and a half (and managed to survive driving down amongst the Pennsylvania drivers! They are a crazy bunch!)

Colin is really into fishing right now, so Allison had his party at Jennette's Pier.  Before we started fishing, we had cake and ice cream and opened presents!  Hudson found a new BFF in his big cousin Piper.  He LOVES her.  He kept trying to give her kisses, and she was so sweet with him!  (Way sweeter than his big sister - ha!)
Colin made a few attempts to blow out his trick candles!
Cousins!  I know Wyatt was so tickled when Colin saved him the seat right next to him. He just adores his big cousin!

After the "inside activities" we all headed out to the pier!   Sometimes I can get a little overwhelmed with all three of them by myself, but it was nice to have Mimi and Baba there to help, too.  Wyatt was so excited to fish like Colin, and Reese was a little more content to just stare out at the ocean, or play with water bottles!

Wyatt had never fished before, but about 2 minutes after he got his line in the water, he got a bite!  He was able to reel it in on his own!
And he was so excited to catch a fish!
He showed it off, but insisted that it go back in the water immediately! (He's his father's son, after all)  In all, he caught 4 fish today!  Not bad for a first time fisherman!
The kids checking out Colin's catch!
Hudson was great the whole time!  He spent a lot of the day hanging out in the wagon, but he did want to be held some!

The drive home was short, too!  Seriously, not what I was expecting for tourist season, but awesome!  I can't believe that Colin is seven, it seems like he was just born (he came about the same time as a "hurricane" if I remember correctly!) -  time is flying!  Happy Birthday Colin!

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