Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekly iPurge!

We had dinner with my mom, Aunt Delores and Madison on Thursday, and there was pie for dessert.  We discovered that Reesie loves pie.  So much so, that she kissed it!
 We are working very hard on our hand writing and learning letters (mostly reinforcements) before school starts in the fall.  Wyatt did a lot of tracing in 3 year old class, but should be able to write most letters on their own before he starts on the 6th.  We were working on writing his name without looking at (no other "Wyatt" was around for him to "copy") it first!
 Reese wanted to be Belle the other day.  She likes to add accessories to her princess looks.  On this particular day she added sunglasses and flip flops.  That is so Belle! On Friday night I went in her room to put some clothes away about an hour after I put her to bed, and she was still awake, just laying there.  I asked her why she was still awake and she said, "I miss my Daddy."  I picked her up and we talked for a few minutes.  She is getting very excited for her birthday party in two weeks, and shared that she would like two more princess dresses - Rapunzel's and Snow White's!  She told me that would be 4 dresses - and she's right!
 She loves to read, and will frequently sneak off with books and go sit by herself reading them out loud.  She usually stays pretty true to the story!
 I took this to send to Brian yesterday while we were at Colin's party - I knew he wouldn't want to wait until he got home to see his little guy fishing!

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