Wednesday, July 11, 2012


On Monday Brian and I took the two big kids to see Brave.  I think I might have been more excited about going to see it than the kids were.  They love going to the movies, but we don't really watch channels with commercials (thank goodness), so they didn't know much about the movie!

I did my research ahead of time, so I knew to be prepared for some of the scary parts, as well at the main "premise" of the movie.  I'm glad that I was prepared because while Wyatt doesn't get too scared, we were prepared in case Reese got a little spooked when she saw the bears!  The kids arranged the seating on  the way to the movie so that Reese was next to Daddy and Wyatt was in the middle of Brian and I!

Before the movie.  The flash on Brian's iPhone flatters no one :)

The kids really seemed to like like it.  They had a lot of questions, but fortunately we were 4 of 9 people in the theater, and  no one else seemed bothered by their quiet voices asking questions.  It wasn't my favorite Disney Pixar movie of all time, but I liked the message of the movie, and I also liked that Merida was a Princess who didn't need a boy to save her :).  I'm actually excited that she'll be amongst the Disney Princesses when we go back to Disney World!

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