Friday, July 6, 2012

The Zoo

We went to the zoo on Monday morning after swim lessons.  Even though it was Brian's day off, we didn't have any plans.  After lessons we realized that we had everything we needed for a trip to the zoo, so off we went!

Brian stopped in the gift shop with the kids to take out cash and to get some water, and while he was in there, the "Daddy, can I please have...." started.  The kids are actually really good about not asking, but they like to look at everything, and I think that with Brian's schedule right now it's a little hard for him to say no!  Ha!  Fortunately Reese wanted $1 sunglasses, and Wyatt requested a $6 safari hat, so we didn't break the bank!

Posing together by the tigers and showing off their new "toys!"
They were so good to each other all day.  I love the moments when they're loving and kind and sweet and helpful to each other. It almost makes all those other "moments" worth it!
Wyatt was a big fan of getting his picture taken with his hat on.  Reese told him that he looked just like Jack Hanna!  Ha!
These bears were so funny trying to climb into their hammock!
Hudson got out of his stroller for a little bit (it's not so easy to manage all three running around!), and he had a great time watching the bears!
Reesie always likes to pretend she's an otter!  Always!
Hudson also got a kick out of watching the otters and the gibbons.  He has started paying attention to Zaboomafoo on TV lately, and he likes to shout the animals that he knows and what they say!
We had never seen the tigers in the water before, and this guy was trying his best to get on this ball!  He would get on and fall off, and then get back on!
She is a Daddy's girl for sure!  I was so happy that she wore the hat all day, and was patient while I reapplied sunblock!  I always feel so proud of  myself when I spend a day in the sun with her and she doesn't look red anywhere.
The monitor lizard was right up against the window, so they were busy checking it out!
After we walked through the Asian and African exhibits, I was spent.  Wyatt really wanted to go to the barnyard and to look at the snakes, but there was no way I could make it there!  The snakes would have been fine because it's air conditioned in there, but just walking there might have killed me.  We had their swimsuits from their lessons, so we changed them and let them play in the splash area of the zoo!  We don't do it very often, but it was hot and we were prepared, so we figured we should let them. 
They were actually super cute because they were pointing out empty fountains to each other and running around together (even as we shouted, "no running!").  I'm so excited that Hudson is going to have a little sister to have fun with, too! 

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  1. I love Wyatt's hat! So cute! I need to take Westin to the zoo. I can't believe we haven't done that yet. Maybe this fall when it's not so hot. :)