Saturday, July 7, 2012


I haven't done a phone purge in awhile, and the reason for that is pretty simple.  My 3GS died and few weeks ago and I'm using a "loaner" 3G until I'm eligible for my free upgrade in October.  The result is a slow camera and a slow phone that I just don't feel like dealing with most of the time! 

I've taken these over the last few weeks to send to Brian at work during the day.  It's a good way of keeping him "updated" throughout our days!

I am on a cleaning and organizing spree right now (Wyatt and Reese's closets and rooms are done, and so is my pantry).  I'm working on my bathroom and closet this weekend.  But I digress.  When Reese and I were in her room, she mentioned that she wants a new dollhouse for Christmas.  I know which one she wants because I totally want to get it for her, but I told her that she needs to clean up her small one and keep it clean before I'll think about it.  When she went to put everything away, this is where she put the Daddy! Ha!
I also cleaned out our filing cabinet a few weeks ago, and I came across Noelle's original papers.  We've talked about getting her certified pedigree for a long time, so I finally went ahead and ordered it that day!  Love it!  I've been trying to do some research on her line so that when the time comes for us to get a family dog, we might be able to find a "relative."
Last weekend Wyatt chose Jack Hanna as his Saturday morning show, and Reesie chose "I Love Lucy."  She thought it was funny, but Wyatt kept talking about Desi smoking.  He was basically waiting for him to drop dead on TV, because that's what he thinks happens when you smoke!
The kids love their dry erase boards.  Wyatt drew this picture of our family the other day, including his baby sister!
Wyatt was a really good boy yesterday, so after I put them all to bed I ended up sneaking him out to watch the first 3 innings of the Yankees/Red Sox game with me!  He was very, very, very excited!  This kid knows how to give a play-by-play, too!  I was in my bathroom cleaning the counters, and he ran in and said, "Mommy, A Rod hit a pop up to outfield that got caught, but Curtis Granderson tagged up and scored a run!"  When I asked how Curtis Granderson got on base he said, "He hit a double Mom."
Good thing he got in his high def baseball last night, because this is what my TV looks like today.  See that crack?  That's the smaller of the two. Hudson decided to channel his inner-rock star in a hotel room and beat up my TV with his Elmo guitar.  It actually wasn't a hard hit, but it cracked this Samsung!  Of course, this TV is basically brand new (we got it last summer for free after our really old TV went out), so I called Brian in hysterics.  He is dealing with the Geek Squad for me, and hopefully they will fix it soon!  Brian thinks we might just need a new screen.
After the TV went out on a 100 degree day, I busted out the play dough (I feel like I am using every trick in the book to keep them entertained when we're stuck inside).  They discussed what they were going to build, and Wyatt and Reese agreed on an aquarium.  Here is Wyatt with the Mommy and Daddy turtle and all their eggs!
And Reese with her "magical seahorse."  She made a sting ray, a crocodile and a fish.  But she spent more time telling me their "stories" than she did on the construction of them!  Ha!

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