Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baby Minnie: 32 Weeks!

This pregnancy is flying by!  I really can't believe that we're getting so close to holding our sweet baby girl!

Here are some pictures of "us" this week!

  • How far along: 32 weeks!
  • Size of baby: She's about 19 inches long and at our ultrasound on Friday she was 4 pounds, 1 ounce!  We have never gotten an ultrasound this late in a pregnancy, but it was a really fun thing to experience this time.  I had to have my placenta checked to see where it was in relation to my C section scar, and the doctors also wanted to have a fetal weight check since I have gained very little weight.  Our baby girl looks great weight wise, everything else looks healthy, and we got to see her sweet face!  We also found out that she's not going to come out bald! Hair shows up on the ultrasound.  Who knew? Ha!
  • Total weight gain/loss: I'm up 2 pounds total since the beginning of my pregnancy.  At every appointment they ask me if I'm doing anything different, and at every appointment I tell them that I'm eating, that I started this pregnancy chunky (really, after Disney and Christmas I totally did.  Plus I wore a sweater and Uggs to my first appointment and now I wear tees and flip flops!).  I do my best to drink water all day, eat and snack, and make sure I'm eating healthy!  That's all I can do!
  • Cravings: Ice cream sandwiches, plums, strawberries, cereal, icee pops, and Port wine cheese on Triscuits.
  • Maternity clothes: Um yes.  And my mom showed up with a few new shirts last night for me.  That's where the green tank came from :).  I've also picked up a few nursing tanks for my hospital stay.  I don't know what it is about the hospital, but having new nursing tanks seems to make it better!
  • Gender: She's a girl.  There is definite confirmation.
  • Movement: She is a mover.  Big nudges, complete rolls, I feel it all.  I know she loves her Daddy because she goes crazy when he gets home at night!
  • What I miss: Um...really nothing except for winter right now :).  It's hot out there, folks!
  • Sleep: It's difficult to get comfortable, but I'm not up too much.
  • Symptoms: Hip pain.  I'm tired all the time.  The hip pain doesn't help with that!  But if nesting counts as a symptom then I've got that one full force!
  • Best Moment this week: Brian finally starting his list of names! I took her clothes out of the attic and started organizing and cleaning them.  Of course, I had to use real detergent and OxyClean  to get the yellowed breast milk stains out of the clothes!  I got some Dreft on clearance today at Target.  I can't wait to smell her baby smell. Wyatt also has been really sweet about wanting to cuddle with her and talk to her so that she recognizes his voice.  Hudson is constantly pointing at my belly and saying "Baby!" Then he smacks his lips to give the belly a kiss.  This is perfectly adorable until the baby comes out and he realizes that he has to share lap space!
  • What I am looking forward to: Settling on her name!  I thought we were down to a couple, but Brian's list surprised me, so we might have a few more options!
  • Goals for this week:  Keep the rooms that are clean in good shape.  Keep cleaning and organizing and crossing things off my to do list!  Sorting her clothes is also helping me make a better list of what we still need.  The car seat is at the top of the list!  I'd like to find a better place for some things in our room as well so that I can get her nook set up in there as well.


  1. Well, not to be overly technical or anything, but Hudson already has to share your lap space, LOL. But really, you are a very pretty pregnant lady!

  2. You look fabulous! Glad things are going so well! Your children are beautiful!

  3. You look great!!! I can't believe how soon she will be here!

  4. aaahhhh...i cant believe you are SSOO close!! You look great and I totally feel for you in this crazy heat!!