Wednesday, July 18, 2012


After swim lessons on Monday, we took the kids to the Virgina Living Museum.  They have a dinosaur exhibit through Labor Day, and we knew that we had to take Wyatt.  He told me the other day that when he grows up he wants to be a baseball player, a hockey player, and a paleontologist.  But after college, he just wants to be a paleontologist.  This kid!  A few weeks ago he didn't want to go to college because he didn't want to have to live there.  Apparently he changed his mind after I pointed out that his Mimi and our neighbor both work at a local college!  Ha!

Before we went, the kids (all of them) had to check what time it was on the sun dial.
Wyatt with the T Rex.  He has been watching Dinosaur Train since it first came on when he was barely two.  He knows a TON about dinosaurs - so much that he was actually telling us stuff that we didn't know about them!
It was Hudson's first time to be "let loose" while we were in public.  I have never once legitimately thought about getting a child a leash until this experience.  And not because I don't trust him, but for my own piece of mind. Three kids running in three different places is craaaazy!  And something I'm not planning on doing without Brian!
Wyatt with the triceratops!  His "girls," as he calls his collection of dinosaurs, have been "watching their nests" this week.  He keeps telling me that their babies are going to hatch. He cracks me up because he keeps going to check on them!
Hudson got a kick out of this baby triceratops!
...but he didn't enjoy the T Rex as much!
The big kids had fun "digging for fossils."  Wyatt said  that he was just like Dr. Scott from Dinosaur Train, and that he was going to send what he found to Washington DC!

Reese spent most of her time at little stations where she could do rubbings of dinosaurs.  She had a lot of fun doing those!
Hudson wanted to check out the underwater dinosaurs!
Wyatt and I were checking out the sea exhibit.  I can't remember the name of the dinosaur we were looking at, but he turned to me very seriously and told me its name and said, "Mommy, do you know that those are sometimes called the T Rex of the ocean?" 
Reese being her silly self!

They loved this exhibit, and while it's small, it was totally worth the drive!  We walked out of the museum members, because I know that we'll be back more over the next year, probably even before the dinosaur exhibit is over!

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