Thursday, July 19, 2012


These are pictures from my phone and Brian's phone.  Let's just say that there is a definite difference in the quality of the pictures!  Come on October with my iPhone upgrade!

Now that Hudson been sitting at the table with the big kids (sometimes), he's found that Wyatt's toys are within his reach!  Iron Man and Spiderman were "Hi-yaing" each other the other day.  I have no idea where he learned karate talk, but he was definitely doing it!
I took this the other day after our "pool" was set up.  Our neighbors have had the longest journey ever to getting an in ground pool put in, and I know it's driving her crazy!  I took this and posted it on Facebook and said I didn't want to make my neighbors jealous, but our pool installation only took 20 minutes!  Ha!
Um, I wouldn't advise giving him Spaghetti-O's ever again.
Reesie wanted her picture taken with Jessie the other day.  She actually asked for Brian to take it over because Jessie wasn't looking the first time!
Our backyard "water park."  I ran out to Kohl's and left Brian home with the big kids.  And I came home to my red neck backyard!
They did this over and over and over again!  And when Hudson and I got home, Hudson ran over to the slide, climbed up, and went right down - in his clothes! 
On Monday night we went to Target.  We were in the kids clothing section, and Reesie ran off to the women's pajama section right next to it - and she came back like this.  Definitely one of those times that Brian asks me to "take care of this" before he has a heart attack.

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