Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tides Game!

On Thursday night we took the kids to the Norfolk Tides game.  I told Brian that his obsession with hockey this season has really cut back on our baseball time - this is the first game that he and I have gone to all season!  Wyatt and Reese have gone with my parents, and Wyatt went to a game with Brian's parents, so our kids already have us beat.  Ryne Sandberg is in town (again) with the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, so we had to go.  Brian grew up watching the Cubs play on WGN every day, and he is a huge fan.  He went to his last game at Wrigley Field, and he spent quite a bit of money on his 2005 Hall of Fame Induction paraphernalia.  Proof that before we were married and had kids we had more expendable income (well, and he had room mates to help cover the mortgage!  Ha!).

If Brian had his way this little boy's name would be Ryne! We settled on Wyatt instead, but he knows plenty about his Dad's favorite player.  He even has an action figure that I assumed Brian would never open!  And possibly his own Cubs Sandberg shirt on the way.
 Harbor Park is seriously gorgeous!  With kids we have to be more cautious about where we sit (family friendly, mostly out of the way of foul balls, etc), but there really isn't a bad seat in the place!
 Ryne Sandberg!
 Me and my Reesie. She did pretty well at the game.  Fortunately I fed her dinner before the game so all she wanted to eat was popcorn!  She put on her Yankees shirt in the morning to get ready for the baseball game that night.
 In case you can't tell, these guys love their Daddy!  It's hard on everyone in the summer when his days are reeeeeally long, but they get so excited to spend time with him when he's home.  Basically, you have to pry someone off of him all the time.  This includes at night when Wyatt sneaks into my bed just so he can be next to his Daddy!
They did so well at the game, and they were able to stay awake until the end.  It was pretty exciting (for us anyway) because that meant that Wyatt got to run the bases!  How cool is that?

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