Friday, July 20, 2012

Swim Lessons: Week 3!

We finished another week of swim lessons yesterday.  Both kids are still in the same stations, but Wyatt has made a ton of progress this week!

He's perfecting his free style.
She's basically just playing!
He's also learning and getting pretty good at the backstroke.
She's blowing bubbles.
He's learning the butterfly - the kicks are what's getting him! He keeps bringing those feet up!
And she's practicing her kicks!
It's crazy to me how hard Wyatt's station is to pass!  The free style, the butterfly and the backstroke all on one station - and he has to do 25 meters with perfect form!  I will say that while we have no intention of doing any kind of competitive swimming, it's fun to see how serious he is about learning it.

I felt a lot better yesterday after talking to another mom who is in the same boat as I am with Reese.  Her daughter won't go under water for the instructor, and Reese will at least do that!  I'm thinking about taking her to my parents house and putting pennies under water.  She loves money - I bet she'd open her eyes to fill up her piggy bank!  

Hopefully we can work on that over the next week and she'll feel more comfortable when she goes back after her week off!  I would love for her to at least learn to float this summer for her own safety and my own peace of mind!

Next week we have some appointments planned - Reese has her follow up at the dermatologist for her bumps, and Brian and I are going on a hospital tour!  The hospital that the other three kids were born in closed down the maternity ward, and we're delivering at a brand new hospital that is only 15 minutes from home.  It's kind of fun to get to do something "new" for Baby Number 4!

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