Friday, October 5, 2012

One Month Old!

How is it possible that an entire month has already passed since this little girl was born?  It is absolutely insane that she has already been here for 31 days! I know that I was completely uncomfortable at the end of my pregnancy, but I don't remember any of that now that I have this sweet little girl here!  Even the um, unpleasantness after my C Section has been forgotten (right now)!

This little girl is just a dream.  It's not easy to be a baby in this family.  There are no lazy days at home, no days where we just hang out here.  We have school drops offs and pick ups, and practices, and we run out of food frequently which requires shopping, and well, all of our Saturday mornings are spent at games.  But she is such a good girl!
Here is what Miss Finley Quinn is up to this month:
  • She weighs in at about 10 pounds.  She can still wear Newborn diapers, but it's a tight fit.  It's almost like she grew over night!  I bought another pack of Newborns last week, but ended up not opening them and taking them back because they seemed tight the next day.  I'm glad I never opened them!
  • At her 2 week check up she was 7 pounds, 12 ounces and 20 inches long!  That means that she's put on 2 pounds in 2 weeks!
  • She is a fantastic eater.  We had some issues with her latch for about 4 days, but we fixed it quickly, which meant I only went through about 7 days of pain!  She does spit up though. But only on days that I've gotten up, gotten dressed, and felt good about what I was wearing.
  • She does NOT like her car seat.  In fact, when we drop the big kids off at school in the morning, the teachers who do car pool get excited when she's not screaming and congratulate me!
  • She's still in her sleepy phase.   I try to keep her awake for about an hour and a half before bed time every night so she actually sleeps!
  • She has been growing through a growth spurt over the last week!  She was on a streak of waking up once a night (around 2 or 3am), but she's been up every two hours this week.  Hopefully it ends soon!
  • Not a fan of being left alone. Tummy time? Nope.  Left laying on her back?  Nope.  She just wails!  Wyatt usually lays down next to her and whispers, "It's okay, it's okay!" 
  • She is perfectly content swaddled up in her swing or wrapped up in the Moby wrap.  I don't even try to take her anywhere in her car seat!
  • She is starting to make more eye contact during her awake time, and she's giving half smiles.  Hoping for a real smile soon!
  • Here eyes are actually still blue!  Reesie kept calling her "Blue Eyes" and I tried to get her to stop because I didn't think her eyes would stay blue...maybe I was wrong?
Finley is the sweetest baby girl. I love how her cheeks are starting to fill out, and I'm anxiously awaiting her first real smile!  We love this little girl so much, and as much as I love watching her grow, I'm kind of okay if she slows down a bit :)!