Monday, May 27, 2013

Conference Time: Reese

 We met with Reese's teacher after we met with Wyatt's.  She is having an outstanding year at school.  

Here is her handwriting sample from the first week of school.  Looking at her "S" just reminds me how hard she worked to get her "S's" written correctly.  She started by stacking a c on top of a backwards c to get the form, and then she just progressed to doing it the right way!
 Her writing sample from last month. 
She finished her second phonics book the same week we had conferences.  She's not going to start a new one before the end of the year, so she's working on math and her worksheets.  And her readers of course. 

She's on her eighth reader now, and she loves to read.  She even tries to pick up Wyatt's to "see what she knows."
The teachers ask the kids these questions for their progress reports.  Reese's answers have evolved over the last year since they involved McDonald's and Wendy's as her favorite place to go and what makes her happy.  Ha!

She definitely has her sights set on being an artist though - this little girl creates from the time she gets up until she goes to bed.  It's one of her very favorite things to do.

I can't believe that she's almost completed this year of preschool!  I'm excited to keep her learning throughout the summer, and to see what Pre-K holds for her next year!

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