Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Project 365: Week 19

Tuesday, May 7
We joined the Disney movie club, and our movies arrived.  My very favorite movie of all time is on top!  I'm pretty sure that I watched it every day for a year when I was 11!
 Wednesday,  May 8
Finley rolled over!  She has known how to do it (she's really up on all fours a lot now), but it's not something she likes to do.  She does it at her leisure.
 Thursday, May 9
I was under the impression that Brian was tucking Wyatt and Reese in.  And then I looked out the window and saw this!  He snuck out and they followed him!
 Friday, May 10
Ready for school!  She cracks me up when she insists that I take her picture in her new spring outfits!
 Saturday, May 11
Aden, Wyatt, and Hunter.  These are two of Wyatt's best buddies!
 Sunday, May 12
Just hanging out at Mimi and Baba's house!
 Monday, May 13
She hasn't been sleeping well.  At all.  I was so happy when she finally fell asleep Monday night!

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