Friday, May 3, 2013

Eight Months Old!!

This little girl is eight months old!
Stickers from Watch Me Grow 
That little face is such a joy.  She just lights up a room!

Here's what Finley Quinn is up to this month:
  • She is somewhere around 18 pounds.  Here's what I know for sure: carrying this child out of the Y every day does a number on my arms!
  • She LOVES food.  She always tries to steal the spoon so she can feed herself.  She is definitely enjoying all of the new tastes and textures, and if she's NOT enjoying it, she lets me know!
  • She's breastfeeding about 7 times a day.  I'm trying to feed her more during the day to eliminate some of our night feedings.  Because there are definitely still night feedings.
  • She's wearing mostly 9-12 month clothes, but she also fits into a few 18 month outfits.  C-razy!
  • Sleeping is an issue for her.  But mostly for me.  She falls asleep fine on her own, but if she wakes up she needs to be nursed back to sleep.  That doesn't really cut it for me because I'm exhausted, but it is what it is.
  • She mastered sitting and reaching out for her toys, she can jump like you wouldn't believe, and now she's added some backwards crawling to the mix!  I am so not ready for her to be mobile.  I'm combing the house now looking for anything and everything that she could put in her mouth.
  • She is making lots of sounds, but nothing official.  If you talk to her she'll make sounds back as if you're having a conversation.  And there's lots and lots of shrieking.
  • We're at a grand total of 2 teeth.  One has cut through, and the other is cutting right now.  Like, as I type this she's hanging out with us at 10:45 at night.
  • She will stand if she holds my hands, and she also does it if I prop her against the couch.  She actually stood there for 20 minutes last night.
Smiley girl
 I LOVE her expression here.  "Reese!  What are you doing?  This is MY picture!"
 And a few more...
Hanging out poolside
 She loves her Sophie.  Loves her.  And they've been pretty attached recently.
 Last night she picked up her pacifier and put it in her mouth when she finished her dinner. "Mom, I'm done. Let's go take a bath." 

I can't believe that we're two thirds of the way through her first year.  She is growing so fast!

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