Thursday, May 9, 2013

Project 365: Week 18

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Tuesday, April 30
I continue to be amazed at how well Wyatt follows the directions that come with his Legos.  I'm more amazed at his patience level when he sits down to put these together.  This is *not* typical for my six year old during any other activity!
 Wednesday, May 1
Big day!  Reesie got her seventh reader and Wyatt got his twentieth.  These two love to read.  Wyatt's even been reading books on his own before bed at night.  He always tells me that he read a book, and he didn't even get any words wrong!  
 Thursday, May 2
Love these two sweet and silly girls!
Friday, May 3
Brian and Wyatt after Wyatt's spring program!
 Saturday, May 4
Reesie getting out of the van after soccer and baseball.  Always entertaining, this one.
 Sunday, May 5
This little one's eyelashes astonish me.  They are sooooo long!
Monday, May 6
Sweet sleeping Reesie.   She actually fell right asleep after I tucked her in, which almost never happens!

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