Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Project 365: Week 20

Tuesday, May 14
On our way to the big kids' conferences.  They watch the kids while we meet with the teachers, and Hudson insisted on taking his backpack with him to school.
Wednesday, May 15
On our way to baseball.  Wyatt moves like a baseball player as soon as he puts his uniform on.  He cracks me up!
Thursday, May 16
Hanging out while we waited for Reese's soccer pictures.
 Friday, May 17
Wyatt still loves playing with his hockey guys, and he came out of his room after I put him to bed with this Lego creation to use with them.  It's a bench/penalty box combo.  Hockey.  Obsession.
Saturday, May 18
Story time!  He was actually reading to her.
Sunday, May 19
Jack's birthday party!  I thought it was freezing, but these kids jumped right in the pool!
 Monday, May 20
Hudson slid this helmet on her little head - and she could use it!  It gets a little crazy around here!

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