Friday, May 24, 2013

What I Love About You - Hudson

Hudson.  Oh my sweet boy.

You are the sweetest, cuddliest, most loving little boy.  You love to be held and squeezed, and you willingly give hugs and kisses away.

It's probably terrible (and completely biased), but your Dad and I have always (since you were teeny tiny) said you were the cutest little boy in the whole world.  Your big brother is obviously adorable, but nothing about him has ever seemed "little."  Even his voice has always been kind of "big boy-ish."

And your voice is the sweetest thing ever.  You're gaining more and more confidence with your vocabulary, and you can talk my ear off.  About everything.  But my favorite things that you say are, "Um, no."  And "siwwy goose."  And "oh, sowwy."

You like your routines.  Like, you really, really like them.  You wake up every day and you want to know the plan.  "Mommy, we take kids to school and go to YEA?"  You love to have a routine, and you always want to know what's next!  In fact, as soon as I pick you up from the kids' room at the Y you shout, "Momma!  Go home and have veggie straws and watch Dinosaur Train!"  And once we're home you immediately ask, "Momma, we're gonna go get the kids?"

At bedtime you want everything a very specific way (just ask your poor grandmothers who tuck you in when Mommy and Daddy go out)!  You will not part with your sleep sack, and adding anything else to your crib is basically out of the question.  No blankets.  No stuffed animals.  Just you and your sleep sack.  In the van, you don't like to have your Captain's seat pushed too far back.  When I slide it back so that I can buckle you in, you always remind me to slide you forward.  You just prefer your way for basically everything!  And you're definitely going through a shy phase.  You're not interested in new and uncomfortable situations.  You like your way!

Speaking of your routine, well, as cute and adorable and lovely as you can be, your temper can also be a challenge.  It's the typical two-ish stuff, but so difficult.  I love it because you are showing your own personality and strong will, but oh man, can it be frustrating.  And loud!

You are a great little brother.  You look up to Wyatt and you love to play with him.  You want to do what he's doing.  And sometimes, you want him to go do something else so that you can play with his toys by yourself.  You love to watch him play sports, and you're becoming quite the protege.  He loves to teach you to kick the ball past him, or to play catch!  And Reesie, well, she is probably your favorite playmate.  You are the Hallie to her Doc, you are the Clover to her Sofia.  Right by her side always.  But your favorite thing to do is play puppies.  I love it when you play doggies and you get on all fours barking behind her, but you always pause to come tell me, "Mom.  Mom!  Reesie my mom now.  My momma dog."

And you're a sweet big brother.  My biggest fear was that adding Finley to our family would be hard for you.  You are my boy, and I thought it would hurt you to have to share me with someone littler.  You love your Momma, but you also love your baby sister.  I love it when you hear her wake up before I do and you shout, "Mom!  Finney waking!  Baby Finney waking! Have to go get her! Come on!"

I'm learning with you that just because I have two boys, it doesn't mean that you're going to be exact replicas.  Your interests do match Wyatt's, but your personality doesn't.  And that's perfect.  Because who you are is just exactly who you're supposed to be.  And gosh, I love you!

You give everyone you know tons of love and tons of smiles.  Your squeezes are fantastic, and I love your kisses!  You are my favorite two year old in the whole world!  We love you Huddoo!

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