Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring Program 2013

Wyatt and Reese had their spring program at school on Friday.  It was a lot later than it usually is, but I'm thankful they waited until May.  It still feels like winter every other day (seriously), and while it was sunny, it was still a pretty chilly day for a spring program!

 Reesie's class went first...
 And she was still all smiles, even though it was chilly!
Wyatt was surrounded by two little girls who were wearing the same dress.  He told me that morning that he wasn't going to sing because he didn't like to.  But dancing?  He told me that dancing is his "thing."
 Afterwards there was a little parade to show off their "costumes."
 I can't believe that it was his final program at his school.  It's so hard to believe how quickly the last three years have gone by!  I'm going to wait until his graduation next month the get too choked up.
Since it was Wyatt's last program, we went to his classroom's party first.  By the time we got to Reese's class the party had died down some.  But not for these three!

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