Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sports Catch Up: Part One

We have had a very wet spring.  I feel like at least two nights of games a week were cancelled because the fields were soaked.  Poor Brian has to handle the make up schedule, and it has been quite a task this year!

This little guy gets pretty upset if a game gets cancelled.  Of course, it's also been a pretty cool spring, so he's been acting like he's on the verge of heat exhaustion on warm evenings!

I love this picture because these two have always worked together so well on the ball field.
 They kind of move in the same direction.  Like it's a sixth sense!
 Brian has been busy getting the park ready for the season to start, so I was tasked with a week of practices.  I haven't gone to many practices because Brian usually handles them, but it was fun to go and see Wyatt and Reese at practice with their teams!

She is a lot more aggressive at practice than she is at games.  She looks like she's about to run a kid down!
 Wyatt likes to go to Reese's practices because Coach Jeff usually lets him scrimmage with the team.  Of course, he also tells Wyatt to take his skill level down to "50% Wyatt."  Ha!  There were littler kids on Reese's team this year, and I don't think they could handle him.  This is him giving 50% in the goal!
 The girls on Reese's team are really good.  Scrimmages at practice usually involved games of girls versus boys, and let's just say, the girls always won.  And it usually wasn't close!

And these girls liked to celebrate!
 But you know, they also take it pretty seriously!

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