Friday, July 1, 2011

Tides Game!

Brian and I took Wyatt and Reese to the Tides game on Wednesday night, and left Hudson home with Aunt Katie (he slept the whole time!).  We really wanted to try and make it to the game while the Tides were playing the Yankees' Triple A affiliate, the Scranton Yankees.

This wasn't Reese's first game, but she hasn't been in a long time!  I was a little worried about taking her because she likes to roam, but she did a great job.  It was nice that Mimi and Baba were there with us because it gave her extra laps to sit on when she got sick of Brian and I!
This is Jesus Montero, the Yankees' top prospect.  Apparently their top two prospects are catchers.  So convenient when they currently have three. 
 Reese actually paid attention to the game!  I think she was more interested in the ballpark food, but she still had fun.  I love that this little girl ate a hot dog, peanuts, popcorn and funnel cake.  And all her brother ate was popcorn (and some funnel cake)!
 Love everything about Reesie in this picture.  The way she has her hand on Daddy's arm and the way she's looking at her big brother!  Pretty sure this was while they were making decisions about what they wanted to eat!
 Yankees love!  This dress has gotten too short in just two months!  I'm going to see if it's on clearance now...
Wyatt was really into the game.  It's a good thing I grew up around baseball.  He had like, 15 questions while Brian was getting the food.  My favorite was when he asked why a different catcher came out while the pitcher warmed up, and I had to explain that the catcher had just batted and needed to get his equipment on.  He also didn't seem to understand the concept that even though we were at the Tides game we were rooting for the Yankees!  Ha!

They did such a great job at the game, and they made it to the 8th inning.  They probably would have been able to stay longer, but Wyatt isn't really napping anymore and he was spent!  I think he fell asleep as soon as we got to the car.  We're hoping to make it to at least one game when the Phillies' minor league team is in town.  Ryne Sandberg is the manager, and there's no way Brian is going to miss seeing his favorite player ever!

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