Saturday, June 23, 2012

Big Girl Bed!

We FINALLY moved Reese to her big girl bed this week.  I know, I know.  She's almost 4.  But she's really always been fine in her crib, even after she was potty trained.  I can't believe that I broke down and ordered her this bed. Her crib converts to a toddler bed, but I'm planning on using that for the baby, so we needed a solution.  This seemed like an okay one, and at least one that she really, really likes!

She has done a great job staying in her bed (which honestly, was my biggest fear).  I already have one who gets out of bed to come say good night one last time, or he comes to tell me something funny, or worse, he comes to sleep in my bed!  Wyatt was already trying to create a "plan" with her for them both to get up and sneak to my bed.  We have had many conversations about how it's not okay, and how he just won't fit in my bed now that I'm so big (and I need 55 pillows to sleep).  But then last night he got up and told Brian to come to the couch with him to sleep!  Ha! 

Reese has been a dream though. Hopefully she keeps this up!  She hasn't been napping, but she wasn't doing much of that lately anyway.  At least she's getting a good night's sleep!

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