Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hudson is 19 Months Old!

I can not believe that Hudson is 19 months old today!  It seems like just yesterday that he was born.  He is definitely no longer my sweet cuddly little baby (although I have a lot of appreciation for the fact that he stayed cuddly longer than his big brother).  He is all boy now!  ALL BOY!

I am woefully behind blogging about his monthly updates, but he did have his 18 month check up last month.

Weight: 27.3 pounds (68th percentile)
Height: 32.25 inches (49th percentile)
He is a big boy!

Here is what my little Hud-doo has been up to lately:
  • He runs everywhere!  He is constantly on the go, and he really wants to keep up with his big brother wherever he goes.
  • He carries a little bat and ball with him all over the house.  Everywhere.  Sometimes he actually uses them as a bat and ball, but he's also been known to use them as a puck and stick!
  • He is obsessed with Wyatt's hockey guys, baseball guys and football guys.  He tries to reach for them, and he says "Guys, guys!"  He loves to play with them on the floor.  He also calls baseball cards, "Guys!"
  • He loves "Melmo!"  Reese even has Elmo jammies just because she wanted some that Hudson would love!
  • He has gotten sooooooo unbearably cute with his head nodding.  Anytime we ask him a question, he gets a big smile on his face and nods!  Seriously adorable.  He's learning to shake his head for no right now!
  • Dancing is his new thing.  In the house he'll  start dancing and turn around in a little circle, and in the car he'll kick his feet and put his hands in the air and nod his head!
  • He is obsessed with bananas! (Just like Wyatt was) He'll walk up to the counter and reach his arms up and say, "Nana!  Nana!," until I get him one. Now that he's seen his big brother and sister eat them "like a monkey" that's the only way he'll eat them, too!
  • He has learned how to climb up our kitchen chairs and onto the table.  Yeah, that's fun.
  • He likes to watch Brian out the window when he's outside and yells, "Dada!  Dada!"  Of course, he has the biggest smile on his face when he does!
  • He uses lots and lots of words.  His newest is "flip flops!"  He is very observant!
  • Hanging on the sink and tilting his head back is one of his favorite things to do.  He makes a beeline for the bathroom if he sees the door open!
  • We experienced our first tantrum today over a sippy cup.  Or rather, Wyatt's cup that he was trying to use.  Or dump out onto the carpet.  Brian actually thought it was Reese screaming!
  • He likes to turn the TV off.  When we're leaving the house.  When the kids are quietly watching TV.  When Wyatt is playing Wii.  It definitely causes issues when the TV is in use!
  • When it's time to get Wyatt from school, I ask him, "Hud-doo, are you ready to go get Wy-wy?"  He nods his head and runs for the door because he is sooo excited to see his big brother!
  • He loves to give hugs!  He gives night night kisses to everyone, and hugs tightly.  He is the cutest!
  • At bed time I take him upstairs and he gets his diaper while I get his jammies.  Then he runs to the window to see Ms. Kathleen's pool!  He loves to look at it!  Once he's ready for bed, he points to his crib and once I put him in he cuddles up with his sleep sack until I put it on him.  Once good nights are over he blows kisses and gives me high fives!
Brian told me to add that he is definitely attached to me!  I love it, but it's very different!  With the big kids, I worked until Reese was 26 months, so they were never really clingy!  This little guy cries when I leave the room to go to the bathroom, or get out of the car to run in to the grocery store while Brian waits with him.  It is absolutely crazy to me, but the feeling is mutual!

We all love this little guy so much, and it is so much fun to watch him get bigger and learn new things every day.  He is such a joy to have around, and he always manages to make us smile!  We love you Hud-doo!

And for fun - here is older brother at 19 months!  It is crazy to me how much they look alike, just with different hair colors - and Wyatt is soooo blond!

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