Saturday, June 2, 2012

Last Baseball Game!

Wyatt and Brian had their last baseball game of the season last night.  We have been waiting for this game for a week and a half!  They were supposed to play this game last Tuesday, and it got rained out!  Then on Wednesday - rain again!  Fortunately they did have one practice this week, so they weren't all rusty.  The practice this week actually turned into a game when another team's opponent didn't show up, and the kids had such a good time!

It was pouring about an hour before game time, but Brian was able to drag the fields and get them ready to play!

Wyatt got in three great at bats - he hit the ball hard into the outfield!

One of the the kids very favorite things to do is to line up on the third base line and high five the last batter.  The last batter gets to run the bases like they hit a home run, and it was so fun for them to be their cheering them on home!
Aden (number 8) was so cute!  Whenever Wyatt would go up to bat, Aden would shout, "Hey Wyatt!  Get your best hit!"  Once Brian asked him where he was going to be if the ball got hit to him at third, and Aden said, "on third."  When Brian asked where he was going to be if the ball didn't get hit to third, Aden said, "California."  He cracks me up!  He even saw Brian at a hockey game this season and ran up to him and gave him a hug!
Wyatt means business when he's running the bases!
Sliding home!
One of his best hits of the season!
I got everything set up for trophies while the kids played their last inning in the field.  Brian was busy packing everything up, and while the kids waited Wyatt and Jameson shouted, "Bring it in!"
And then they shouted, "Go Dodgers!"  One of their many pre and post game rituals.  On Mother's Day they also shouted, "Happy Mother's Day!"
Listening to Coach Brian hand out their trophies and say something about each of them!
Wyatt getting his trophy from Daddy!
We forgot to take pictures at the field, so we took a few pictures at home!

I am so proud of Brian.  He has dedicated so much time to all of these kids this season, and they had so much fun!  The kids learned a lot and all improved, and it's all thanks to Brian giving them what little spare time he has.  I know that he felt the pressures from the other coaches to get things done for them a lot (he's also the Field Director and is in charge of maintenance and game schedules), but he did an amazing job!  Only three more months until ball season starts all over again!

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