Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Reese's Last Day of School!

I can't believe that it has been 9 months since Reesie's first day of school!  It seems like it was just yesterday that we were getting her ready to go!  She has had such a wonderful year, and she has just learned so much.  Her units this year varied from Circles and Shapes to Nutrition to Dr. Seuss, and the zoo and farm and more!  She also covered nursery rhymes and tales, the holidays, and spring!  I love that their school supplements the "basics" with other units!

She started off the year reviewing shapes and quickly went on to patterns, sequencing, letter recognition and sounds, and counting and recognizing numbers!  Of course some of the highlights of her year were her Halloween Party, her Christmas Program, and her Spring Program

But the biggest highlight of all was her getting this book!  She was so excited to get her Phonics Book, and unlike her big brother, she loved coming home and telling me what she did every day in her book!

We were worried last night that she was going to miss her last day because she spiked a fever while we were out at dinner.  I took her temperature and gave her some Tylenol and then she threw up!  I think she just gagged and it caused her to spit up.  She woke up this morning feeling fine and ready to party!
I can't believe how big she is now!  She has grown so much and her hair has gotten so long since September!
She had a great day!  I actually went in for a little bit of her "party" and got to sit with her!  She was so cute talking to her friends.  She wanted to leave with me, but Ms. Megan was able to convince her to stay and play Bingo :).  She gave Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Megan the biggest hugs goodbye when it was time to leave!
I love that both of her teachers described her as sweet and funny with "such a personality!"  That's how I would describe her too!  She loved both of them so much, and I told Ms. Megan that Reese loves to come home and tell me all the funny things Ms. Megan says!  Her latest is "great balls of fire!"  I know that she is going to miss them, but she will love seeing them next year when she goes back!