Saturday, June 9, 2012

Reese's Last Soccer Game!

Reese had her last soccer game at the Y last night!  She hasn't played in two and a half weeks, so she was pretty excited to have another game!

Gathered with the rest of the players to say the Y player's creed.
She did a great job yesterday, but she wasn't able to score any goals!  The other team had some big players, and they could get the ball down the field, and Reese is really the only player on her team that's "in it."  She would get the ball and not really have a way to get it down the field!
Getting her medal!
So proud!
Reesie and Daddy!
Reesie and Mommy!

She had a great soccer season, and she is excited to play again, but I know she's ready for a little break!  Yesterday she didn't want to play the whole game (it was soooo hot), and the other kids on her team aren't really that interested in playing all the time!  She usually volunteers to be out there, but yesterday she just wanted to sit on her Daddy's lap and drink water when it wasn't her turn!  Ha!

The Y has a little cook out for families after the final game, so we stayed and had hot dogs and chips.  It's funny because I remember freezing at the cook out at the end of soccer season in that fall, and I was so hot yesterday!  We are so proud of how well Reesie played soccer this spring!

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