Monday, June 18, 2012

Calder Cup Champions!

The Norfolk Admirals won the 2012 Calder Cup last weekend!  Brian has had season tickets all year (as well as play off tickets and he's reserved his seats for next year), so he wanted to go to the parade in Downtown Norfolk to celebrate.  Wyatt and Reese both LOVE hockey, and around here we very rarely have the opportunity to go celebrate local sports teams winning anything!  We've got Triple A baseball and the AHL and that's about it.  So we decided to make it a family trip!

While we waited for the parade to start the new light rail, The Tide, passed by!

The team coming through.
Another group of players.  Wyatt's favorite is in the light blue shirt.  Brian says that his job is to be the Enforcer, which I think means that he's just there to start fights.  Of course he would be Wyatt's favorite!
The Calder Cup!
While we waited for the team to come up to the "celebration" we waited in some nearby shade!
Both kids in their Admirals shirts!
This was her favorite spot because she could see everything!
Wyatt's favorite player being interviewed by a local sports anchor!  One of the day's "events" was that a bunch of the guys on the team shaved their beards to support the St. Baldrick's Foundation to help kids with cancer.
The team thanking the fans for coming our an supporting them!  The next day it was announced that the franchise that the Admirals were under (Tampa Bay Lightning) decided to move their AHL affiliate to Syracuse.  Which means that all of these guys will be moving to Syracuse and we will be getting a team of AHL players for another team next year (it's rumored to be the Ducks?). So we'll have a totally different team next year.  Brian is not happy!
Heading back to the car.  Wyatt looks so tall to me!  I rarely pay attention to how tall he is, but standing next to Brian (who is over 6 feet tall) he looked huge!  So we measured him next to me that other day, and the kid comes up to my shoulder blades!  The curse of being short - your children will outgrow you before they're 7!
After the game Brian and I decided to go to Doumar's for dinner!  Here is the world's first ice cream cone machine, as well as the sign that says that "Guy Ate Here!"  He did an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives that featured Doumar's a few years ago!
We enjoyed our burgers, fries, limeades and sundaes from the comfort of our (loud) car!
I know that Brian is already missing some hockey, but he's finally got more time to invest in baseball and the Yankees! Ha!  Only 5 more months until hockey season anyway!

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