Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Swim Lessons: Week 1!

I'm linking up with Jenna's commenting challenge this week at Jenna's Journey!

The kids had their first week of swim lessons last week.  They took 5 weeks of swim lessons last summer, and they're taking 5 more weeks this summer.  I like that it gives us something to do outside every day, but it's more important to Brian and I that they learn to swim!

Wyatt started his lessons on Station 6, so he's  learning the backstroke right now.  And this is basically what he did all week!

Reesie is, well, Reesie.  To pass Station 2 she needs to blow bubbles, bob, and open her eyes underwater.  She is not a fan of opening her eyes.  Which is why she is now on her fifth week of Station 2 without passing. 
But she's having a really good time! 
I'm hoping she will move on to Station 3 next week, but you never know with her.  She's definitely a little bit stubborn!  We had lessons at 9:45 last week and I was sweating, but we switch to 9:00 for the rest of the summer.  I hope it's at least a little but cooler because I was sweating like crazy!  Hudson has been so patient though while we wait for their lessons to finish up.  He's so quiet that I could probably read if I wanted to!

With Brian's crazy summer work schedule he only gets Mondays off.  I didn't want to schedule back to back weeks where we had to be somewhere every Monday morning, so I scheduled the kids to go every other week. That way we can do fun things like go to Busch Gardens on the off weeks :).

I can't believe that June is almost over!  I feel like this summer is flying by.   Fortunately we have a sweet baby girl to look forward to meeting in September!


  1. Swim lessons - how fun :-) Stopping by from Jenna's :-)

  2. Looks like she is having a wonderful time!! Your kids are adorable and I just saw the Big Bed post. We NEED to do that but me fear of her not staying in bed is making me put it off!! I hope we have the same good luck:)