Friday, June 8, 2012


So, it's been awhile since I dumped my phone, but the recent loss of my 3GS prompted me to empty it.  The speaker got something in it, which basically made it impossible for anyone to understand me, but I was able to procure a a 3G from a friend to use until I qualify for an upgrade in October.  It was a hassle and a half switching because I followed all of Apple's instructions and backed up my phone, but since I switched from a 3GS to a 3G and downgraded, I lost everything.  Oh well.  Probably won't have that problem in October! Ha!

The big kids have been enjoying lots of outside time the last few weeks!  Wyatt decided a few weeks ago that he wanted to teach his sister to kick the soccer ball with both feet!  She's a good little kicker with her right foot, but he wants her to be able to dribble with both feet like he does! 
That same night the kids were all watching their "last show" together.
Reesie got her phonics book after her parent teacher conference!  She was very excited to show me that she drew lines to all the "B" words and wrote her B's all by herself!
Zulily had a sale on Life is Good boys apparel about a month ago, so I got Wyatt some shirts and this hat.  He kind of loves it!
The kids at The Skinny Dip last weekend (before Reese spit it all up)!
Reesie had her appointment with the Pediatric Dermatologist last week.  After a NIGHTMARE in the waiting room (one hour. Waiting.  With a three year old and an 18 month old.  Soaked from a tropical depression.), we finally made it in.  The Physician's Assistant was amazing, and Reese did a really great job.  They put some medicine on her in the office, and also sent me home with some concoctions to help the Molluscum go away!  It seems to be working - thank goodness!
Wyatt at the fields on the day of his last game!
Isn't my little girl just precious?  I skip the toy section, but we usually venture over when Daddy is with us!
Who doesn't use a baseball bat and a baseball glove to pretend to be a goalie?  Silly boy!
Be still my heart!  Wyatt really wants to finish his fifth reader before school ends (not likely), so he has been working very hard to get all of his words down.  The other day he grabbed it and snuggled up on the couch to read to his sister!  This was a first!
Reesie's big dance recital is tomorrow, and she had dress rehearsal yesterday!  My parents took her because they're going to miss the recital tomorrow (my sister's graduation party is the same day), and she was so excited!  How cute is this costume?!
Since my sister's party is tomorrow we have lots of family in town!  We stopped by my mom's house this morning and got to visit with Mason!  These two boys are getting so big!

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