Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pinteresting Finds: Reese's 4th Birthday

I've been scouting Pinterest a lot lately (okay, it's basically my go to app) for ideas for Reese's fourth birthday party.  She has been set on a Tangled party for months (although I'm waiting for her to change her mind to Cinderella because that's her new thing), so I've been trying to get ideas.  I used a lot of ideas from my Pinterest board to put together her Minnie Mouse party last year, and it was super cute (and relatively easy).

She wants to have her birthday party at the Little Gym again this year, and that sounds like a great idea to me.  We're holding off on scheduling it until the surgery scheduler from the doctor's office calls to set a date for my c section, and then I want everything done so I don't have to do anything!  Ha!

Some of the pins are to boards or blog posts that give ideas about parties - I think they're great.  Of course we won't be having any buffets or going too crazy at The Little Gym, so some of it is overkill for me!

This whole blog post would be a great idea for bigger kids and an at home party!

I love these favors!  I actually bought little plastic Tangled tubs at Target in the $1 section last month, so I'm halfway there!  I don't think that the boys will like Tangled too much though!  Ha!


These cupcakes would be a nightmare to transport and also to decorate for non pros like me, but I love the tower.

And these cookies - YUM!


  1. Don't you just love Pinterest! You have found some super cute things!

  2. cute!! i had a friend that did a tangled party not too long ago, check out her blog post on it: