Friday, June 29, 2012


Today's post topic for Jenna's commenting challenge is to share about your dream vacation - where I would go, etc.

Well, I think that as far as family vacations go, the answer is pretty obvious!
We are big fans of Disney World!
 And our favorite place to stay (by far) is the Wilderness Lodge!
We made trips to Disney World in 2007 (with Wyatt at 9 months), 2008 (Wyatt was 19 months, Reese was 2.5 months), 2010 (Wyatt was 3.5, Reese was 2, and Hudson was a month old), and 2011 (4.5, 3, and 13 months).

What do we love about Disney World?  Seriously, what's not to love?  It's the happiest place on earth!  Unless, you know, your 4 year old and your 3 year old can't get along to save their lives!  Ha!  No really, we have had some incredible times and made incredible memories on vacation.  Some people think we're crazy for taking them so many times, or taking so many, or taking itty bitty babies - but really, our time with them is limited, and it's so fun for us to make these memories together, especially while they're little enough to want to be with us, and to take in all the "Disney Magic."  

Which isn't to say it's all fun all the time.  We've had breakdowns on Main Street USA from overtired children, Reese was taken by ambulance out of Epcot because she was extremely constipated, and on our last trip we actually walked out of a park at 3PM because the kids couldn't be polite or stop fighting!  But looking back, it's all just part of going on vacation with kids!

This year we're also talking about making a Fall Trip to Washington DC to take the kids to the National Zoo, the Smithsonian (Wyatt LOVES dinosaurs), and to take in the fun sights.  I was spoiled as a kid because my grandmother lived outside of DC and we went up to visit a lot!  I still remember going to see the National Christmas Tree, riding the Metro, and going on a bike ride through Washington with my Dad!  I want to give my kids those kind of fun experiences, and I'm sure my family up there would LOVE to put up a crazy family of 6 for a few nights :).  Another Disney vacations in December is also in the plans, so we'll just have to see how it all works out - but this will be a very well traveled baby!  Ha!

In terms of Mommy/Daddy getaways, Brian and I love making weekend trips to Williamsburg.  It's a short drive, and there's still a lot of stuff for us to do, even if we don't go to Busch Gardens.  If staying in New York wasn't so expensive, even weekend getaways to see a few Yankees games are fun! We love a good cruise, even though we haven't been on one since our Honeymoon.  I know we definitely loved St. Thomas, Grand Cayman and Belize.  I'm not a huge fan of Mexico.  But I might be if I stayed at a resort!  Ha!  

If I could go anywhere in the world right now though, it would totally be Bora Bora, because it looked amazing on the Real Housewives of the OC last week!  How about you?  Where would you LOVE to go on vacation?


  1. Do you have instigram? You can follow me @thecorralconnection

  2. We have so much in common!! I also got married in 2006, and had children in 2007 and 2008. I just welcomed my third baby three months ago.

    I'm also a Real Housewives fan. I watch every single city. I thought Bora Bora was beautiful too from watching it on the OC. I would love to go there.