Monday, July 30, 2012

I Believe It's Called Nesting

I have been hit hard with the nesting bug.  This weekend I was a maniac.

It really started with the cloth diapering thing.  My laundry room (which I love the SIZE of) was in no way equipped to take a beating with diapers.  It's already a catch-all for so many things...Hudson's clothes (we have a hamper in our closet, and the kids have one in their rooms), towels, random clothes that are found throughout the house...basically, it's a mess.  A completely unorganized mess.

So, in an effort to organize it, I cleaned it.  And then I got all ambitious.  I have big plans in my head.  A shelf over the washer and dryer, storage for the ironing board and iron (which I'm not sure have been used since I stopped working.  Brian's cargo shorts and polo's rarely need to be ironed!), nice looking storage on the racks above the washer and dryer...the list goes on.

And then, once it was mind wandered.  To paint.

Yes, paint.

Like, I really, really, really want a purple room in my house - paint.

So the kids and I went to the Home Depot and picked up some samples.  I found a nice lavender color that I love.  I spent a week during the summer before my senior year of high school at a local Leadership Workshop.  While I was gone my mom sponge painted my room (yes, it was the late 90's).  Purple and Turquoise.  I loved that room. And I still want a freaking purple room.  So I made my own.  In a room that Brian ventures to once a week.

I'm pretty sure that my husband (who had no idea I was doing this) thought I was freaking nuts when he got home from work that night and found me painting my laundry room at 34 weeks pregnant.  But he probably also knows that there really isn't any stopping me when I get these hair brained tasks in my head.  'Cause really, there's no stopping me.

So, it's basically done.  I need to get the top (which I can reach, but can't tape.  So I need him to take care of that), but other than that, it's painted.  And then the next morning I realized that I needed to put things away.

Ummmm...that became a new challenge.  A lot of things that were on the top rack were things that should go in my downstairs linen closet.  But then things downstairs would need to go up.  And then I would need to clean the upstairs linen closet.

So I started there.  And now I have a bunch of photo albums that need to find homes.  But I have really neatly folded towels and sheets upstairs.  And holiday candles, so it smells like Christmas.  And then I moved the toilet paper/paper towel/cleaning product surplus into the linen closet downstairs.  And now my laundry room rack is lined with attractive baskets that have laundry products in them.

There's one big problem with all of this though.

The surplus?  It's all over my kitchen counters.  Soooooo I should probably go take care of that now.  Because that's where my family actually has to eat and stuff.


  1. That's too funny---maybe baby will be coming tomorrow;) I hope you can head over to baby week on our blog, The Chirping Moms, where we have lots of great posts and giveaways every day this week!


  2. i am the same way. i get a "wild hair" and there is no stopping me! haha ;)

  3. Can we see pics when the laundry room is done, please?