Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our Fourth!

We had a low key holiday this year!  We woke up and cleaned (the playroom mostly - it gets super messy now that Hudson is dumping toy bins all day), and then I eased them into their routines early.  Early lunch and early quiet time!

After everyone woke up (or really, after H woke up and the big kids were allowed to leave their rooms) we got everyone packed up to head to my Mom and Dad's house for swimming!

Wyatt and Reese LOVE to swim, but Hudson has been taking his sweet time warming up to the pool this year!  He wasn't very interested in it until last week when he walked over to the pool and wanted to stick his foot in.  From that moment on, it's been all he wants to do there!
The big kids had fun jumping off the diving board and swimming.  I let Wyatt take two jumps without his life jacket.  I waited to catch him, but he actually did a great job swimming to the ladder by himself!
We had BLT's and pasta salad for dinner and the kids got bathed and in their jammies.  They were wiped from a long day of being in the sun and playing.  Once we got home I agreed to let them watch one show on TV, but they were really out of sorts so everyone went to bed!  I guess the benefit of no naps is a 7:00 bedtime! Ha!

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  1. Agree---no nap days are hard to make it through, but the extended night time is great! New reader---Julie