Monday, January 5, 2009

Decent Service! Finally!

Okay, so when I first had Wyatt and started pumping I used the Medela bags that went along with my Pump & Style. Those worked pretty well until I found free samples of Lansinoh bags (sorry, Jessica they are ALL plastic) in my breast pad box. I decided to try them because they were free, but also because they hold more milk than the Medela bags. After the first try the Lansinoh bags and I formed a beautiful friendship. The saved my precious breast milk, and I continued to trek to the store to buy them.
When I was getting prepped for Reese to come I went out and got the Lansinoh bags and loaded them in my pump bag. I currently have about 432 ounces of breast milk stored in my freezer in those bags, with who knows how many more to come.
So anyway, last week I opened up my freezer bag filled with milk bags from mid September. And at least 3 bags have leaked while they were being thawed! I was so irritated. I mean, that's my breast milk! I can't get that back!
I emailed the company yesterday. They explained that the problems may be a result of going BPA-free and using "safe, virgin" plastics and the defrosting process. Then they offered to let me send them the faulty box of bags (which I was finished with months ago), or to send me more bags to put my frozen bags in when they're defrosting. That way if milk does leak, it just leaks into another breast milk bag! The customer service rep said she's send me a few boxes of bags! Score! I'm not used to be treating like this by a company. In fact, I am currently fighting my wedding photographer (yes, two years later) to get my photo album and a CD with our pictures on it. Lansinoh will seriously have my business long as I don't continue to lose my baby girl's food.
*And what the heck is up with blogger? It will not let me put spaces between my paragraphs, and I like spaces between my paragraphs! Irritating!

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