Monday, January 26, 2009

I Can't Stop Watching

So, the last few weeks Brian and I have been catching up on all of our shows that started back up. We've also been talking about cutting back on some TV. Then the friendly Verizon Fios guy came today and gave us a stinking multi room DVR! But based on what I've seen the last few weeks, I think I'll definitely be cutting back on some shows soon.

Friday Night Lights will NOT be one of them. This show is back this year significantly better than it was last season (any plot line that doesn't involve Tyra and Landry murdering someone is better than last year). A few things have confused me, like how did Tammy go from not working for 15 years, to school guidance counselor, to Principal? Where is Jason Street (at least he's coming back to wrap up his story line right)? Why isn't Lyla still all religious? And is Smash really leaving? That's stinks!

But I still love it. If there is going to be a next season, then they will have to start developing younger players so that will be interesting. I'm hoping to see more Taylor family interaction soon because I've always thought they were funny, and I was happy to see how hard Coach worked for Smash. I'm really into this show!

24 is getting good, but I'm waiting to see where it just never know! Big Love started and I'm really liking the new season. I just hope they don't add a fourth wife.

Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice are getting the ax. I'm over the ghost sex, I'm over the Derek/Meredith dynamic (I've been over it for the last 3 seasons, but whatever). I was really hoping they were going to kill Meredith off that time she tried to drown herself. And my main question is - Why are any of these people still Doctors? The Chief can't control his doctors, the Doctors can't get along with each other, and they cut each other open! I don't care about Izzy. I think T.R. Knight is right to leave the show, considering that fact that he's on the screen for about 5 minutes every episode.

I only started watching Private Practice this season, and it's just not that interesting. I was kind of irritated that there was a character named Wyatt on there too. Our son's name is not trendy, and I don't want it to be! As soon as they use a name on those shows it becomes popular. Sure, I liked the name Addison, but I got overruled. Okay, and Brian pushed for Bailey, but I said no (because it made me think of Party of Five). And sure, my cat was named Sadie. But that was before Grey's!

I frequently say I'm going to cut the shows out, but I think I might actually do it this time. My new DVR gives me a clean slate!

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