Monday, January 5, 2009

Reesie Piecey

Reese is 19 weeks old today and she is getting SO big. The teething isn't bothering her as much as it was, and she's hitting a stage where she is a lot more active. She is on the cusp of rolling over from her back to her tummy. She rolls onto her side, and as much as I cheer her on to roll onto her tummy, she can't do it yet. But she's getting so close! I've been putting her in her exersaucer occasionally over the last few weeks to gauge her interest and ability to "stand" up in it. Yesterday was the first time that I was actually okay leaving her in it. She really seems to enjoy it which makes me happy. Wyatt absolutely loved it, and I'm hoping she continues to.
Playing in her exersaucer
Checking out the giraffe
She fell asleep on her play mat
Hi Daddy! And Wyatt left her his puppy
Here she is with her new favorite toy, a little bunny that she gnaws on when her gums hurt.

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