Friday, January 2, 2009

Holiday Wrap Up

So, I'll wrap up the holiday season with one last post. Here are some pictures that we took the kids to have taken the Sunday before Christmas. The very next day I took them to have their pictures taken with their cousins for Mimi and Baba for Christmas. We went to Portrait Innovations for these, but we usually go to Picture People. I think that there are pluses and minuses to both with Picture People coming out on top, but Portrait Innovations was cheaper and we get a CD.

Either way, their pictures came out really cute.
Wyatt opening a box with a ball inside.
Reese sitting up
Brother and Sister
Good big brother giving baby sissy a kiss.
For New Year's Eve Brian and I went to my Grandfather's wedding. It was pretty fun to hang out with the family for the night, and we made it home around 10. We contemplated going to Dave's traditional New Year's party, but we wanted to give Brian's Mom plenty of time to get on the road to get back home. I was asleep by 11 (I had a few drinks and was tired!), and Brian stayed awake past midnight but just to see some dare devil do a motorcycle jump.
Yesterday we went to the aforementioned breakfast at my parents' house. We went to Red Robin for dinner and then went to the Garden of Lights at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. I have to say that I think the Garden of Lights are significantly better than the Lights at the Beach. The Garden of Lights had lights everywhere, above the car, in the trees, along the pathway. We went a few years ago (before children), but it's gotten significantly better since that visit. I think we decided that if we can only go to one from now on the Botanical Gardens is going to be the Oceanfront. We'll probably go to both because we love all things Christmas, but Wyatt absolutely loved the entire car ride!
I am taking down the family room tree today. It goes against our tradition because we usually leave the tree up until January 8 (Brian is a big Elvis fan), but I think Brian and I are both a little holiday-ed out this year. The loss of Noelle has a lot to do with it, it just didn't feel like Christmas without her. I'll still probably leave the fake tree in the Yankee room up, but the real tree that's taking up space in the family room is done. How bah-humbug of me!

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